Indo Teak wood planks

Indo Teak Wood Panel BJ 15mm AB

$240.90 inc.GST

Pine Wood Panel SJ 17mm AA

$206.80 inc.GST
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Oak Wood Panel SJ 18mm AA

$339.90 inc.GST

  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Good water resistant properties
  • Stains and polishes well
  • Less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight
    3. Input Dimensions

    0-1,220 mm


    0-2,440 mm


    Custom Dimensions - Square

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    200-1,220 mm


    Custom Dimensions - Circle

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    Full Panel Base Price

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    Edge Trimming
    Color Finish

    Oil based wood coating, Double side including all edges, Free sanding


American Oak

American Oak is a native hardwood of North America. It has a coarse, open grain texture and a distinctive figured grain pattern common only to genuine Oak species.

Colour ranges from a pale to medium golden brown tone but it also stains well to a wide range of colours if required.

In addition to its inherent strength and durability, American Oak is highly regarded for its visual appeal. It is ideal for fine furniture, where aesthetics are of equal importance to strength. 


One of the most dominant species in American hardwood forests. American oak is used for a variety of purposes, which has made it one of the most widely-used types of hardwood on the market.

American Oak is pale yellow-brown to mid-brown, sometimes with a pink tinge. The sapwood is light coloured. It is mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture, and with longer rays and more figure than red oak. It has large distinctive growth rings and some medulla rays may be present.


American Oak is used for a wide variety of purposes, including structural, exterior and interior applications, and in the making of vats for spirits and wine.

Due to its interesting and prominent grain pattern and consistency of colour throughout the range of subspecies marketed as American Oak, it is a popular species for flooring, and for joinery and furniture.


American Oak is a hard and heavy wood, with low stiffness and medium crushing and bending strength. It also has extremely good steam bending properties.

American Oak is easy to machine, nail, glue and screw. It stains easily and can take a wide variety of colours. It is a slow-drying wood, so care needs to be taken to avoid checking. Also, given its high shrinkage rate, under variable moisture conditions it is susceptible to some movement.

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5cm Width x 120cm Length, 10cm Width x 120cm Length, 15cm Width x 120cm Length, 20cm Width x 120cm Length, 25cm Width x 120cm Length, 30cm Width x 120cm Length, 35cm Width x 120cm Length, 40cm Width x 120cm Length, 45cm Width x 120cm Length, 50cm Width x 120cm Length, 55cm Width x 120cm Length, 60cm Width x 120cm Length, 5cm Width x 240cm Length, 10cm Width x 240cm Length, 15cm Width x 240cm Length, 20cm Width x 240cm Length, 25cm Width x 240cm Length, 30cm Width x 240cm Length, 35cm Width x 240cm Length, 40cm Width x 240cm Length, 45cm Width x 240cm Length, 50cm Width x 240cm Length, 55cm Width x 240cm Length, 60cm Width x 240cm Length, Custom Dimensions, Full Panel – 122x244cm


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