Get started of your DIY journey

With a few tools and a little time, you can create your own wooden furniture pieces by hand.
Not only are you stretching your creativity, but you are working with your hands and solving problems with your mind.

Manufacturing in Singapore

Local carpenters with over ten years experience in the industry.

Toxic Free & Kid-Friendly

Premium Osmo Wood Wax that is 100% toxic-free and child-friendly.

Upbeat Service

Secure & simple. Order any time. Get ready for your DIY Project.

OSMO Exterior Wood Finishes

OSMO Interior Wood Finishes

Wooden Planks

Leg Frame Collection

DIY your way to a dream furniture collection

Try your hand at making your own bespoke furniture pieces,  or even glasses. 

Tropi is the site where you can get all the essential you need for customising and making your own piece of furniture.  

Make it look, work, and feel exactly how you need it to

Creating your own furniture, especially with little to no related experience, can seem like a large undertaking.

Rather than settle for something close to what you had in mind, build the furniture yourself. Nothing will ever match the exact look or functionality you were hoping for.

Craving for ideas of your DIY furniture?

You don’t need to be a master craftsman to furnish your home with style. DIY your way to a dream furniture collection.

When you’re starting out, you should always work from a model. Feel free to consult us with the ideas you have!

Modern & Rustic

Love the rustic style of solid wood present but hope it can be displayed in a modern way? The combination of glass door with wooden cabinet can be great idea!

Storage & Organizing

Ledges are a sleek, beautiful way for displaying. Instead of spending way too much on a store-bought shelf, DIY your very own to the exact specs you are wanting!

Tables & Console

Looking for a Mid-Century Modern table? Simply a wooden top installed with any types of legs would look great and add the same Mid-Century feel as the hairpin legs.

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